Thursday, September 30, 2010


So I got the following from this week.  I am so excited.:

Congratulations! Your blog has been hand selected and
recognized by add your to receive our - "Blog Star Award" !

Your blog was chosen by our webmasters, to honor your hard
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I was so honored, shocked, and humbled to receive this!  Below is the STAR they gave me!

I am now proudly displaying the star on my blog.  I guess I must live up to this unexpected honor by taking better care of my blog.  Just thought I'd share.

My Handsome Son

He will be 20 soon.
It's amazing he smiled for this photo because he can be camera shy with MOMMY.
I'm so proud of him.

He's grown so much since taking these photos. He went away to training back in February a mixture of a man and a teen. He was already quite mature but after being stripped and rebuilt he called me. When I answered the phone I had to ask, "Who is this MAN who stole my son's deep voice?" You could hear authority, confidence, and strength in his voice. I thoroughly enjoyed the past 20 years being his mom. I'm tearing up as I type this because I love him so much and I am STILL very proud of my young man.

Happy Birthday to My First Born Son, Anthony Clifton Louis Jacobs, Jr. Momma loves you so much dear!
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Can Now Go Out In Public - Smelling LIKE OLD LADY!

I had to redeem myself from that last video.  Mama will be proud.  I don't even remember what I was talking about in this video.  But anyway I gots a story about Allan to share.

Kids say the darnedest things again.  Everyday after I pick up Allan from school, we go to pick up the babies from daycare.  Their daycare smells like moth balls because the director or owner or somebody was trying to "HIDE" some other odor in the building.  I don't know what that other odor was.  Anyway, the first time Allan walked into that daycare, he noticed that "moth ball" smell and he didn't like it.

So on Friday after we picked up the girls we had to go pick up William from school.  As we were on the way to William's school, we had to drive pass TJ's old high school which was being renovated at the time.  When Allan noticed the school and the renovations he said, "TJ's old school is nice and the cafeteria smells good.  Our cafeteria smells like Old Lady!"

I was shocked so I HAD to ask, "Old Lady?  What does Old Lady smell like?"
He frowned and replied, "It smells like the babies' daycare!"

My initial reaction was, "Ewww!"  followed by a loud laugh.  It was just funny to me the way he matter of factly shared this.  I had to ask another question, "Who do you know who smells like Old Lady?"  I was afraid of what the possible answer or answers could be, hoping to God he would not implicate me or my mom.

"My teacher Mrs. HerNameShallBeNamelessForProtection!"

Again I laughed out loud.  Poor little Allan must have thought I was having a laughing fit.  Although I was laughing, I was still able to ask, "What does she smell like?"

"She smells like a glue stick."

We were both laughing now.  This pretty much ended the conversation.  Mainly because I felt and still feel so sorry for my young son that he is FORCED to endure so many unpleasant smells during the course of a regular school day: Old Lady, moth balls, and glue stick, and not to mention his own stinky feet.

This conversation did bring to my memories the old lady smell of the older ladies in church growing up.  They smelled like a combination of moth balls and Charlie.  If you don't know Charlie, click the link and you'll see what I'm talking about.  YUCK.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

So They Say. BTW, who are "THEY"?

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

More Anniversary Love to Tony & Quan

Look at the beautiful children that union produced.
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Happy Anniversary to Tony & Quan Brown

Happy 14th Anniversary to my loving brother and his beautiful wifey. I love both of yall with all my heart. I pray for yall EVERYDAY since you have been tasked with the daunting duty of raising Brenda The Remix. Life with Brenda The Remix is full of joy, fun, challenges, and can be difficult.

I'd also like to wish Brenda The Remix (Kiera Monet Brown) a happy 8th birthday. I love that little girl. She is quite charming and lovely herself (she made me type that).

If you are reading this and feeling the love, visit Tony's web page and see his God given talent, You won't be disappointed.


Freeze Dried Ice Cream?

Really? How is that possible? I saw these in Walmart and had to snap snap for photo memories.

Personally, I think this is JUST plain WRONG!

Speaking of JUST plain WRONG! I have a few things that have been disturbing me lately.
Here they are in NO particular order:

  • I was in the grocery store the other day behind a family of four (mommy, daddy, little girl, and little boy). Well, not so little. The young boy must have been around my son Allan's age (8-10). The only difference was that this young child was definitely OBESE. No question about it. So was his young sister and mama and daddy. THAT IS VERY DISTURBING to me. Children that young should NOT be that huge. The next thing I noticed was the grocery items they were buying: chips, Cheetos, soda, no fruit, no veggies, some meat, more chips, lots of crackers. I know it's highly unhealthy. I bet it disturbs the First Lady too being that she started a get active campaign for children.  Parents, get your children active EVERYDAY and feed them healthy foods! Allan plays outside everyday. He was upset yesterday because his friends couldn't come out and play with him. He soon found some stress relief in an exercise of his own (with some guidance from Mama).

  • This next thing that DISTURBS me is a very sensitive subject to some of my close friends and readers. I am highly disturbed when I see a woman trying to look like a man. Especially if she is obviously a pretty woman/girl. It bothers me to see girls with their pants sagging like the boys, binding their breasts, shaving their heads, and making every effort possible to look like a man. It's obvious that these girls are not heterosexual, but please take some pride in your appearance. I like to see girls looking like girls. I'm just saying.

  • The last thing that has been disturbing me is people who complain about certain characteristics in others, yet they themselves have those SAME characteristics they are complaining about in others. I wish these people would spend so much time improving themselves that they have NO time to criticize others. Just saying....

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

KB Interviews Allan Manning

Allan Manning describes himself as a very determined person.  He is a christian and is very religious.  Allan believes in treating people as he wants to be treated.  Allan has lived and traveled all over the world.  His mind is open and his spirit is alive.

KB:  Where was your favorite place to live in the world and why?
Allan:  My favorite place to live was in Europe.  I went to high school in Heidelberg Germany.  I truly enjoyed it. The food was Great.  The People were very friendly to us Americans.   I just love and like Europe.  But my favorite place I have never been is BRAZIL and Puerto Rico. I do plan on going there in the next few years.
KB:  Do you find that when you treat people the way you want to be treated you are blessed beyond measure by living that philosophy? 
Allan:  YES I do. As a Christian that's the ONLY way to live.  GOD asks that of US.  Plus your BLESSINGS come abundantly when you do this. It's easier to live with yourself.
KB:  Do you really live your life like that all day every day? 
Allan:  YES. I do. Its also part of what Manning stands for.
KB:  What is the purpose of Manning Emporium? 
Allan:  The purpose of Manning is to PROVIDE INEXPENSIVE PRODUCTS and SERVICES to ALL.  It's to provide home base internet jobs that are fun and exciting, along with saving people money and making them money.
KB:  Why did you decide on this concept? 
Allan:  I want to do something to help myself along with others. Provide a service that we can all make money on that we do and use everyday.  Plus it stays in stride with the Christian concept.
KB:  You have many different websites and businesses. Which one is your favorite and why?
Allan:  ALL of THEM. Because they are all different and FREE to JOIN. If you look at each one of them they all go hand in hand.
MyTVCLassifieds is the on-line advertising in Video for only $13.95 a month.  With MyTVBids being the Reverse Auction where you pay pennies for your items. Blastoff is the Online Shopping Malls with over 600 stores. Each store gives you a discount percentage to buy and shop on it. Plus Pre-pay legal, Travel, and Hotel savings and discounts are given. The Coalition is a Toolbar that pays you to do all your internet searches on and 10% goes to your favorite charity in that persons name. KachingKaching has over 1 million products and the shopping savings is large. For instance the Tosibha laptop I want is $750.00 at Wal-mart.  On KachingKaching the same laptop is $550.00. A savings of $200.00
ALL these sites are FREE to join or you can be a paid member and get a higher return.
KB:  Which one makes you the most money and why? 
Allan:  Kaching Kaching and Blastoff. You make what you put into it.
KB:  Which one makes you the least money and why? 
Allan:  You make what you put into it.
KB:  Are you currently working your online businesses on a full or part time basis? 
Allan:  FULLTIME.. Since moving to NC from SC when NCR closed up, I am working it FULLTIME..I am going on the Black Expo tour as a Vendor/Exhibtor with Manning
KB:  What do you like best about what you do? 
Allan:  Talking to people. Helping people. I spent 20 yrs Managing restaurants and retail stores. Now I can do for myself what i have alwayd done on the job for others.
KB:  What do you like least about what you do? 
Allan:  Nothing
KB:  Is your type of work for the weak willed? 
Allan:  Its for everyone..You get what you put into it. So if you want alot of money and know people, it's up top you to spread the word and let them know.
KB:  What are the character traits that are important to succeed in your business? 
Allan:  To be a very determined person. To be able to take rejections. To be Professional and Polite. To be very open minded. You never know who knows who when you are talking to them.
KB:  Are there any words of wisdom and encouragement you can offer any of my readers attempting to venture into your type of business?
Allan: YES.. Please look at all the business inside of Manning and pick 3 or 4 and come aboard. For FREE if you choose.If not research what kind of home base business you want. Be solid on what you do and choose.Check to make sure they are BBB certified and on the NYSE. With all my sites stock options are offered,medical,and more.
Allan Manning



Manning Strives to provide inexpensive products and services that are fun and exciting for everyone,and helping the you save money as well make money. While helping others CATCH their DREAMS and making money. T.E.A.M DREAM CATCHERS. Take a look at our business sites,tell family,friends,business partners,and co-workers about them and us. We want to build a Team Concept and get others involved as well.SPREAD the WEALTH as you would say.You can follow us on FACEBOOK/ and on BLACK PLANET/ManningEmporium as well. We are under the Groups section.

MANNING consist of:

REP ID#102028

Business Cell Phone#803-565-5058
Email us at:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inspiration For You

Keeping your Flame:

  1. You have to WANT IT!  Only you can motivate yourself.
  2. WAKE UP!  Are you sleeping through your life?
  3. CONQUER FEAR!  Enthusiasm and fear cannot occupy the same mind.  The choice is yours.
  4. SET BIG GOALS!  Inspire yourself.
  5. BELIEVE!  Without belief, you won't even try.
  6. ACT!  No matter how small, any action will take you closer to your goals.  Don't leave the book of your life unwritten.
Never settle, never give up.
Make your life a blaze of glory!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Expendables - KB's Review

So yesterday, we went to see The Expendables because Predators has left the theaters.  I REALLY wanted to see Predators.  Really Badly.  Will have to catch it on DVD/Blu-ray.

We chose The Expendables because it was advertised as having many of the big action figures in it (Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Steve Austin, Mickey Rourke, and Eric Roberts).   Having all of those heavy hitters in one film, one would think the movie would be packed with as much action as Tiger Woods' new bachelor pad.  Well, action packed it is.  Lots of action, explosives, unbelievable stunts, and cool moves is what this movie is about.  I LOVED the action, fighting, and EXPLOSIVES in The Expendables.

Here's how I rate The Expendables.

* Originality - I've seen this type of action movie before.
** Storyline - The storyline is a little weak.  Not too strong at all
*** Cast - Although this film had many heavy hitters, Arnold and Bruce had very small roles.  very small.  I went to this film expecting more from them.  Actually more from all of them.  Sly did his part.  Terry Crews was ok.
***Humor - I got a few good laughs.  I enjoyed the humor Sly chose to use.
*** Directing - Better than many I've seen.
** Emotion - The main emotion I felt while watching this film was excitement.  My adrenaline was running because of the action.  I wasn't particular drawn to any of the characters.  I didn't feel sympathy, fear, caring, or anything for the characters.  Maybe because I knew how it would end because I've seen this type of movie before.  I just wanted a little action when I went to see this film.

So, overall I give The Expendables 2.5 stars.  The heavy hitters got me in and the action got me to stay.
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