Friday, July 29, 2011

Mary Kay adding 2012 Mustang V6 alongside incentive fleet of pink Cadillacs

Mary Kay adding 2012 Mustang V6 alongside incentive fleet of pink Cadillacs

I've added this car to my list. I love driving this car around Columbia!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 26, 2011

Thoughts from yesterday:

July 26, 2011
When in doubt, DO Something; even if it is just a walk around the block.

FOCUS – follow one course until successful

Give each of my customers their own project file folder, not some space in a book.

Fixed Ongoing Concentration, Unlimited Success

Wow!  I thought the following about Mary Kay was very interesting:
“An  overwhelming numbe r  of  M w y  Kay Independent Beauty Consultants are women.
They, however, are extremely diverse - from housewives to u r b a n  professionals and
from all socioeconomic backgrounds.  In short, there i s  no "typicaln Independent
Beauty Consultant.
Becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant is convenient, simple, a n d 
straightforward - a n  individual signs a one page Independent Beauty Consultant
Agreement ("Agreementn) a n d  purchases the Starter Kit for approximately $100.
This kit contains bus ine s s  tools a n d  literature, a s  well as a generous amount of  full
sized M a r y  Kay@ products with a retail value of  over $300.  Furthermore, to reduce
the risk of loss for a new Independent Beauty Consultant and to allow for changed
circumstances, t h e  Company contractually allows the r e turn of t h e  Starter Kit for a
full,  100 percent refund within the first thirty days after a n  Agreement i s  signed.”
And this one too:

“Independent Beauty Consultant h a s  with regard to
receiving a  100 percent refund for her Starter Kit within t h e  first 30 days and the
Company's  promise to buy back, at 9 0  percent of t h e  Beauty Consultant's  original
cost, any of the products she  purchased at wholesale from the Company within one
year from t h e  date of  purchase.  Furthermore, there are no provisions in the
Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement t h a t  prohibit the Independent Beauty
Consultant from conducting other direct selling businesses, even businesses t h a t 
compete directly with M a r y  Kay. This flexibility applies both during as well a s  after
her M a r y  Kay business may end.”

I’ve been going through cycles of having it together to having it a mess since April or May. I know I can keep it together because I’ve been there. Trying to figure out when I get to a point of losing it. Not sure if it’s between those fatigue PMS moments or not. I’m gonna keep a journal to chronicle all of that.

My mom did say everything in my life will be better after the surgery.  I am so looking forward to it.  3 friends who had it this year all say they feel so much better now.

The fatigue and heavy bleeding are the major culprits in my life right now.  Sometimes I get foggy brain too.

I miss ME.  I’m on a campaign to get Keala back.  I do make cameo appearances in my life from time to time though.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

HELP Me Win a Coach Bag! PLEASE!

You can win one too!!!!

Get your entry into our Coach Bag Giveaway.
We are completing consumer surveys on what women really want.

All you do is call (212) 990-6304 then call/text me back at (803) 386-9589 with the password at the end.
We want to know what appeals to professional women about our marketing plan! :)
Once I receive a text message or phone call with your name, number and the password from the (212) 990-6304 number, you will be entered into our fabulous Coach Bag Drawing. 
It is that simple.
We are giving away two bags.  If your name is drawn, I win a bag as well!


Keala M. Jacobs
Senior Beauty Consultant
(803) 386-9589

Wow! The TimeWise® Miracle Set® has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal!

FREE Shipping when you shop online!

Friday, July 22, 2011

**Body Magic Closeout Sale!!

**Body Magic Closeout Sale!!

Nine Ardyss garments for sale. $55 each or get all for $450. Call or text (803) 348-7922 for details. All sales are final as I am closing out my inventory.

Sizes and garments in lot are:

Body Magic Sizes: 26, 28, 30, 36, 38, 48. These are equivalent to ladies sized 6, 8, 10, 16, 18, and 28.
Reshape your body and drop up to 3 sizes!
The Body Magic is an innovative creation that will sensationalize your body by giving you the appearance of a liposuction transformation without the surgery. Innovative in design to help lift your bust and stomach as it flattens and controls your abdomen muscles. This body shaper lifts and reshapes the buttocks and helps thin your thighs and hips while pulling the shoulders back to correct posture.

Corset Golden size 34
Redefine your waistline!
This reshaper may reduce the appearance of your waist up to 2 sizes and straighten your torso and back for great posture instantly. This garment helps you lose those few inches at the waist that just won't go away with exercise or diets. Three rows of hooks allow you to adjust the corset to your comfort level to enable a continuous refinement of your figure. On each side, it incorporates a flexible rod that goes from below bust to the pelvis.
Our Reshaping Solution When Worn:
Reduces waist up to 2 sizes
Targets back, torso, waist and abdomen areas
Help you loose those extra inches in the waist
Strapless design for sexy wear!

Corselette Deluxe size 30
The Corselette D'Luxe is specially designed for women to relieve backaches brought on by poor posture and weight from the bust. It provides back support for proper and erect posture. Shoulder straps are adjustable with 3 rows of hooks in the front to adjust to your comfort.
Our Reshaping Solution When Worn:
Adjustable straps helps to correct posture
Supports and flattens the abdomen
Can reduce up to 2 sizes
Helps straightens your torso

Slim Shaper size 30
Reduce your waist and burn fat effortlessly!
This corset is designed using latex material that is especially made to burn fat by making you perspire. This design is combined with cotton for added comfort. Not recommended to be used more than 4 hours per day.
Our Reshaping Solution When Worn:
Burns fatty tissue by making you sweat
Targets the back, torso, waist and abdomen areas
Helps you loose those extra inches
Provides abdominal support

  • Location: 29229
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Strong Afternoon Thunderstorms

A persistent, juicy south-southwest low level wind  is setting up the State for an afternoon of widespread thunderstorms. As with the past few afternoon events a few isolated cells will be strong to severe with one inch hail, 40-60mph wind gusts and downright scary frequent lightning. Heavy, slow moving cells are ripe to drop 1-2 inches of a mysterious fluid called rain.  Expect better more inclusive coverage of storm cells across the State then the past few afternoons. Best chance for heaviest rain should be in a swath from Allendale/Hampton County to Marlboro/Dillon County. Storm cells begin to pop inland of the Coast after 12 noon and migrate inland. Thunderstorm cells pop Upstate-Midlands-Pee Dee after 2 PM. Heaviest rain and severe threat will be in the daytime heating sweet-spot of 4-7 PM

The high priests of high vorticity at the Storm Prediction Center in sunny Norman Oklahoma have placed the Upstate, Midlands and Pee Dee under a slight risk for severe thunderstorms; no tornadoes.

Tropics? Snooza-poolza.

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