Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Can Now Go Out In Public - Smelling LIKE OLD LADY!

I had to redeem myself from that last video.  Mama will be proud.  I don't even remember what I was talking about in this video.  But anyway I gots a story about Allan to share.

Kids say the darnedest things again.  Everyday after I pick up Allan from school, we go to pick up the babies from daycare.  Their daycare smells like moth balls because the director or owner or somebody was trying to "HIDE" some other odor in the building.  I don't know what that other odor was.  Anyway, the first time Allan walked into that daycare, he noticed that "moth ball" smell and he didn't like it.

So on Friday after we picked up the girls we had to go pick up William from school.  As we were on the way to William's school, we had to drive pass TJ's old high school which was being renovated at the time.  When Allan noticed the school and the renovations he said, "TJ's old school is nice and the cafeteria smells good.  Our cafeteria smells like Old Lady!"

I was shocked so I HAD to ask, "Old Lady?  What does Old Lady smell like?"
He frowned and replied, "It smells like the babies' daycare!"

My initial reaction was, "Ewww!"  followed by a loud laugh.  It was just funny to me the way he matter of factly shared this.  I had to ask another question, "Who do you know who smells like Old Lady?"  I was afraid of what the possible answer or answers could be, hoping to God he would not implicate me or my mom.

"My teacher Mrs. HerNameShallBeNamelessForProtection!"

Again I laughed out loud.  Poor little Allan must have thought I was having a laughing fit.  Although I was laughing, I was still able to ask, "What does she smell like?"

"She smells like a glue stick."

We were both laughing now.  This pretty much ended the conversation.  Mainly because I felt and still feel so sorry for my young son that he is FORCED to endure so many unpleasant smells during the course of a regular school day: Old Lady, moth balls, and glue stick, and not to mention his own stinky feet.

This conversation did bring to my memories the old lady smell of the older ladies in church growing up.  They smelled like a combination of moth balls and Charlie.  If you don't know Charlie, click the link and you'll see what I'm talking about.  YUCK.
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