Saturday, July 31, 2010


What excites you?

What are you excited about?

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is entitled BlahG because I'm feeling BLAH today.

Not quite myself today.  I noticed now that I actually have the time to blog the way that I want to, I am not doing it.  It's been over a week since my last blog entry.

Just as I began typing this Sable and Lobo came running in with dirt all over them.  Of course I had to go investigate.  They were outside digging.  After further inspection I realized it's now time to cut the grass.  I'm going to go cut the grass.  It is now 9:40 am and I'll finish this after I cut the grass.  I wanna get it done before it gets too hot.

10:15 am and I'm done with the yardwork!  It is HOTT out there!

So, while I was out there, I was thinking about my dad, my current situation, my current hustling status.

I miss my dad.  My brother is very much like him in many ways.  I'm calling Tony Brown soon to tell him what I see in him that reminds me of Daddy.

I've been looking for full time employment since April.  A copy of my resume is here.

I've been hustling for a year now.  Here is one of my websites:

Once I used to blog whatever was on my mind.  Now, I am a bit tempered with what I blog.  I have to be because I believe I care more now.

Enjoy your day.

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