Friday, December 18, 2009

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thanks and God Bless Yo

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ouch! I Have a Bunion on My Right Foot

Ok, so my right foot was in so much pain yesterday. I need to go to the doctor for this one. Needless to say, I didn’t get my Wii Fit in at all yesterday. I did today though. Today I did Yoga and Step Aerobics. I even opened advanced step. Yay ME!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cynthia's Story : Today Life's Outlook

Keala has sent you a link to a blog:

Even though I've been there with Cynthia from the beginning, it was still difficult for me to read this without choking up yet AGAIN.

Blog: Cynthia's Story
Post: Today Life's Outlook

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 2 of 30 day Wii Fit Goal

Yesterday I said I was not going to go into too much detail everyday. I had a very long weekend. I spent most of it with Mommy and my nieces and nephew, and William and Allan.

I spent the night at my brother’s in Sumter yesterday. I got home this morning and had to go to William’s football banquet tonight. I had to force myself to get my Wii Fit time in. To be honest, I think I’m addicted to the Yoga.

Ok, so today I earned 15 Wii Fit Credits. I did 2 Yoga poses, 1 Strength Training exercise, Hula Hoop, Super Hula Hoop (over 300 spins!  I love that Hula Hoop), and Step Aerobics.  Oh yeah, I did that soccer head thing too.  I need to do that one more because I'm not good at that at all.

My Wii Fit age went up to 34.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 1 of 30 Day Wii Fit Goal Part 2

Actually this is day 1 of this 43 Things goal, but my 51st day since I started using my Wii Fit. So, the first day of this goal was so much fun for me. I started out with Yoga. I did ALL 6 of the Yoga poses available to me. Yay Keala! Then I did 4 Strength Training exercises that worked my abs, back, and legs. When I first started using my Wii Fit, I only did Yoga and Strength Training.

Today was the first time I ventured into Wii Fit Aerobics. Oh My Gooooodness. That Hula Hoop was fun. At first I didn’t quite get it, but once I got the hang of it and I LOVED it! So today I did Hula Hoop, Basic Step, and Basic Run. I got my workout on. I did so well on Hula Hoop I unlocked Super Hula Hoop.
After Aerobics, I ventured on to the Wii Fit Games. Since today was really the first time I tried those games, I didn’t do so well. I was just trying them out to see how they were anyway.

Back to Hula Hoop, I got William doing the Hula Hoop. That boy has abs of STEEL. They are diamond hard. He didn’t do well his first time, but once he got the hang of it, he did really well. When they throw the hula hoops at you, they kept hitting his big head, but he overcame that.

I probably won’t be going into this much detail everyday of this goal. I may just post my stats as I did before.
Here are my stats for day 1 of this goal:
*Wii Fit Age: 33
*BMI: Obese
*Weight: 25lbs more than I should weigh
*Today’s Time 39 minutes


Day 1 of 30 Day Wii Fit Goal

Going to get started now. Just wanted to record that I started. Will post my results later. Please encourage me to do this. I really need to keep at this.
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