Friday, September 17, 2010

Freeze Dried Ice Cream?

Really? How is that possible? I saw these in Walmart and had to snap snap for photo memories.

Personally, I think this is JUST plain WRONG!

Speaking of JUST plain WRONG! I have a few things that have been disturbing me lately.
Here they are in NO particular order:

  • I was in the grocery store the other day behind a family of four (mommy, daddy, little girl, and little boy). Well, not so little. The young boy must have been around my son Allan's age (8-10). The only difference was that this young child was definitely OBESE. No question about it. So was his young sister and mama and daddy. THAT IS VERY DISTURBING to me. Children that young should NOT be that huge. The next thing I noticed was the grocery items they were buying: chips, Cheetos, soda, no fruit, no veggies, some meat, more chips, lots of crackers. I know it's highly unhealthy. I bet it disturbs the First Lady too being that she started a get active campaign for children.  Parents, get your children active EVERYDAY and feed them healthy foods! Allan plays outside everyday. He was upset yesterday because his friends couldn't come out and play with him. He soon found some stress relief in an exercise of his own (with some guidance from Mama).

  • This next thing that DISTURBS me is a very sensitive subject to some of my close friends and readers. I am highly disturbed when I see a woman trying to look like a man. Especially if she is obviously a pretty woman/girl. It bothers me to see girls with their pants sagging like the boys, binding their breasts, shaving their heads, and making every effort possible to look like a man. It's obvious that these girls are not heterosexual, but please take some pride in your appearance. I like to see girls looking like girls. I'm just saying.

  • The last thing that has been disturbing me is people who complain about certain characteristics in others, yet they themselves have those SAME characteristics they are complaining about in others. I wish these people would spend so much time improving themselves that they have NO time to criticize others. Just saying....

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