Sunday, November 30, 2014

Romantic Love or Something Else?

Say you love me and put it in a love song.

I had a small "discussion" the other day with someone about the Erykah Badu song "Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop)".  We were both saying how much we like/love the song.  Of course I love the song because I love Hip Hop (the hip hop she's singing about in the song of course).  However my comrade thought it was a song about romantic love.  When I told him what it was really about, he didn't believe me.  Hmmm...

There are many love songs written and sung that a huge number of people mistake for romantic love songs.  While driving home from work today, one of them played on my playlist, which prompted me to write this entry about love songs that have not a dern thang to do with romantic love.  I guess another thing that prompted this is the realization that I have so much love in my life that is NOT romantic love and I am grateful for that love that I have from friends and family.

Another LOVE SONG that people get confused with romantic love is Brandy by The O'Jays.  Y'all, they singing bout a dog!

Rihanna's Umbrella is about friendship pure and simple.  I have friends like that and I am a friend like the song describes.  Go have a listen and be the judge for yourself.

Self love is important, especially the self love that also lifts others up.  When I was growing up, my mom always told me to think highly of myself because if I don't, nobody else will.  Granddaddy used to say self preservation is the first law of nature.

I write this post to encourage you to love on yourself more.  I'm not encouraging selfishness, but something entirely different.  How can you love others if you first do not love yourself?  The saying Charity(Love) begins at home means you must love you first in order to love others.

Go on and love you and share the love.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Welcome Guest Blogger

Thanks so much, Keala, for the opportunity to guest blog at your place. I’m currently in the midst of a 10-day blog tour to promote my new novel TELL THEM I DIED. Amazon has paperback copies listed for $8.99 and an Amazon Kindle version for $3.99. You can find it also on in NOOK version for $3.99. I need reviews to help generate word-of-mouth buzz and interest in the book.

TELL THEM I DIED is a romantic adventure that doesn't conform to the usual romance novel genre in that the protagonists are all over fifty years of age, retired, and with discretionary time and funds to enjoy life, and online friends to share every minute. And unlike other romances, much of the action takes place on the internet on social networking sites. The story was inspired by the many people I came to know and love over many years on social networking sites. People who are not online a lot don't realize how real those long-distance relationships can be. Over all those years, my online friends have married, had children, divorced, and some have died. And then there is the travel element. My husband and I travel a lot, and we share our travel photos with our friends online. Several friends have suggested that I write a book about my travels. I think travelogs can be rather boring, but I decided to weave some of our adventures into the story.

The main characters of TELL THEM I DIED are Laura (Screen name: A1QTEE), owner/operator of, and the men in her life who come in an out of the social networking scene. There is Laura's number one confidante and forum moderator, Angela (Screen name: Angelplaits), and her husband "Bodine." The men in Laura's life, ex-fiance', Jackson (JackDaniels), Lester (TheGuy), Laura's son, Carlton, and her some-time boyfriend Harman all present challenges for Angela as she tries to find out what happened to her dear friend when she gets the news that Laura has died.

I hope you’ll take the time to check out TELL THEM I DIED and write a review at or on your blog. It's a light-hearted page-turner of a story, that my early reviewers have said they hated to end.

My tag line: When it comes to long-distance internet romances, sixty is the new seventeen.

Here is an excerpt:

Jackson hardly knew what day it was. He had been awake over twenty-four hours, and although he was tired, he knew he still would not sleep soundly. He showered and dressed so he would be ready for his morning trip to find Carlton. He set the clock for six a.m. and lay down on the bed fully clothed. At least he’d had a good meal at Bonita’s house. Now he could laugh at how ridiculous that scene had been.

Internet hoochie-mamas. Those girls were so tame online. I never would have guessed. And Stacey was married. Laura probably had them all figured out, but Angela was so naïve. What a set-up.

He slept for a few hours before the alarm rang. This time he drove his rental car and picked up a cup of black coffee on his way. The built-in GPS took him to Carlton’s place in a short time. Carlton lived in a small bungalow on a quiet street. Jackson parked down the block where he could see Carlton whenever he left. After Angela told him how he lied, he didn’t want to take a chance on being dodged.

The front door opened after Jackson had been waiting close to an hour. A young woman with a toddler emerged. Jackson recognized them as Carlton’s wife and baby. He had never met them, but had seen photos Laura had posted on the web. Jackson headed them off before they reached their car.

“Good Morning, Keisha. I’m so glad I caught you before you got away for the day.”

Keisha didn’t know this man, but she smiled and stopped since he called her name. “Good Morning.”

“We’ve never met, but I’m Jackson Gooding. I was Laura’s friend. I met Carlton, but I never met you. I would like to talk to Carlton, if you don’t mind. Is he in?”

“He goes to work around ten, so he’s not up yet. Why don’t you call him later?”

“I don’t have his number. Can you give it to me?” Jackson knew how to turn on the charm. He hoped Keisha would trust him enough to give him the number. She did. She gave him Carlton’s mobile number and work number.

“Thanks, Keisha. I know you working moms have to get going in the morning. I don’t want to make you late.” He helped her with getting the baby into his car seat, and held her car door while they said goodbye. He didn’t want her to know he wouldn’t leave until he saw Carlton.

Jackson settled into his car again. This time he allowed himself to nap until about nine. He thought by then Carlton would be up and getting dressed. When he rang the doorbell, he listened for movement inside the bungalow. He could hear a television and someone approaching the door. Jackson stepped back, expecting the door to open. He knew Carlton had to be on the other side of the door watching him through the peephole. When the door didn’t open, Jackson knocked, and said, “Carlton, it’s me. I know you’re in there.”

Carlton opened the door, looking down at his feet.

Jackson extended his hand to shake it. “Hey, man. I’m so sorry about your mom. When Angela told me, I took the first flight I could get.”

Carlton still stood in the doorway, not motioning for Jackson to come in.

“Can I come in? I know you have to go to work, so I won’t take too much of your time.” Carlton let him in, and led him into the kitchen, where Carlton had been eating a bowl of cereal.

“Tell me what happened. How did she die?” Jackson asked.

I am giving away four (4) autographed copies ofTELL THEM I DIED through a giveaway administered by If you're not already a member of Goodreads, it's easy to join.Go here for the giveaway:

Sarah Gordon Weathersby is the youngest of seven siblings, and the first to migrate back to the South after living in DC, New Jersey and New York. She is a retired Information Technology professional who lives in Raleigh with her husband, and their imaginary dog, Dusty. Sarah is the author of a memoir, Motherless Child - stories from a life, and publisher of a family saga, The Gordons of Tallahassee, written by her sister LaVerne Gordon Goodridge. Tell Them I Died is her first work of fiction.

You can contact her online
And Twitter @saraphen

I appreciate your time and consideration, and I hope you’ll enjoy my novel. Thanks so much, Keala and friends.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Me Bossy? Really?

So, Gail and I were talking this morning and she said I was just like my mother. Huh? Gail please. I admit I have qualities and characteristics like Ms Brenda, but I am NOT Ms Brenda. I do admit to being a tad bit bossy, but I don't think I go overboard with it. NOT saying my mom is bossy or goes overboard with it!

We decided to ask all of my friends if they think I'm bossy and on a scale of 1 to 100 how bossy they think I am.  If you know me, please participate.  If you think you know me you can vote too.  Gail has a number in mind that she thinks people will tend to vote close to.  I'm just curious to know how bossy yall really think I am.

Do you think Keala is bossy?

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If so, how bossy would you rate her on a scale of 1 to 100?

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