Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Expendables - KB's Review

So yesterday, we went to see The Expendables because Predators has left the theaters.  I REALLY wanted to see Predators.  Really Badly.  Will have to catch it on DVD/Blu-ray.

We chose The Expendables because it was advertised as having many of the big action figures in it (Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Steve Austin, Mickey Rourke, and Eric Roberts).   Having all of those heavy hitters in one film, one would think the movie would be packed with as much action as Tiger Woods' new bachelor pad.  Well, action packed it is.  Lots of action, explosives, unbelievable stunts, and cool moves is what this movie is about.  I LOVED the action, fighting, and EXPLOSIVES in The Expendables.

Here's how I rate The Expendables.

* Originality - I've seen this type of action movie before.
** Storyline - The storyline is a little weak.  Not too strong at all
*** Cast - Although this film had many heavy hitters, Arnold and Bruce had very small roles.  very small.  I went to this film expecting more from them.  Actually more from all of them.  Sly did his part.  Terry Crews was ok.
***Humor - I got a few good laughs.  I enjoyed the humor Sly chose to use.
*** Directing - Better than many I've seen.
** Emotion - The main emotion I felt while watching this film was excitement.  My adrenaline was running because of the action.  I wasn't particular drawn to any of the characters.  I didn't feel sympathy, fear, caring, or anything for the characters.  Maybe because I knew how it would end because I've seen this type of movie before.  I just wanted a little action when I went to see this film.

So, overall I give The Expendables 2.5 stars.  The heavy hitters got me in and the action got me to stay.
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