Sunday, July 29, 2007

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

So You Wants 2 B A Vid-Jeo Star?

So You Wants 2 B A Vid-Jeo Star?

I know you got model potential. You know you wanna be in videos like this one. You know it! You’ve been told time and time again about how fine you “is”. “You are so beautiful.”

“Man, what a woman!”

“She got a body on hurrr.”

I’ve heard it before myself. Yes . . . I have.

Well guess what?

You are NOW a vid-jeo STAR . . . at my job. That’s right. You are a video star at my job. See, that man done took all those sexy photos of you that you were all too eager to post on your black planet page! I know you were a STAR the moment I saw them on the desktop of my co-worker.

This MAN! àdennis

Yep. He’s on black planet right clicking on all yall and saving those beautiful bottoms, bosoms, and whatever else you choose to post. He saves them in a special folder on his machine. Then when he walks away and his screen saver starts, it’s a slide show of all the lovely ladies he’s right clicked on. This slide show is highly inappropriate for my little boys to see. Thank God they don’t come to work with me to see that mess.

So. You wants to be a vid-jeo star? Well, now you are. Gone gurl do yo thang. Show us some skin. All of us. Yes, that’s right, my coworker is sharing it with his homies too. Lawd knows how many of your friends are right clicking all over you.

I know I’ve been right-clicked on. That’s why I don’t post inappropriate photos of myself online. Don’t want my sons to see such photos of Mommy when they go to visit their friends.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I haven't even tried

I’m currently reading about 5 different books right now. This goal is not even worth trying for me.

My bedroom

window faces east, so I see the sun rise every morning. I love waking up before the sun rises and just lay in bed and watch it rise. It’s a beautiful thing. You should try it sometime.

I got more money to save

I increased my contribution to the IRA starting in August. I also increased my contribution to my boys’ savings and college accounts.

Look at me save!

I changed the goal

from grow my curly hair long into this new one. I started my loc process in June. So far so good. I’m happy with my decision.

I also ordered one of these

from Home Depot online the other day! I’m on my way.

Test post

I am doing 43 things.
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