Saturday, March 1, 2008

On Rating Yourself


I gave myself a high score because I love Keala Brown. People who know me know that I’m not conceited. I’d like to think I’m a positive person.

Well, here is the point, once upon a time I was P-H-I-O-N-E. That wasn’t too long ago. After my divorce, I gained a lot of weight (25-30lbs). Ouch! But guess what? I am still phione!

Well, what I noticed was when I gained the weight I also gained a lot of admirers. My dad said the weight looks really great on me, so do a few friends. The ones who really noticed were strangers! Yes, strangers. I get approached more now than when I was 25 lbs lighter. I mean I get approached by men almost daily, sometimes several times a day. At Wal*Mart (I still say WM is evil), at the gas station, at the bank, at the park, at the skating rink, where ever I go.
I thought this was kind of odd because when I was smaller in size, I NEVER got approached by men. Well, rarely, not never.

All of this got me to thinking….hmmmm…what kind of women based on looks alone are men more likely to approach? I asked a friend, a male friend that is, the one who approached me in the bank.

“What type of woman based on looks alone are most men more likely to approach?”

“Average looking women. The really fine and pretty ones are usually stuck up and dis brothers. The ugly girls usually think you have ulterior motives and usually dis brothers as well.”

“Hmmmmm….Is that so?”

So, I was right. I used to be fine, now I’m average. Yeah right. Yall know I'm above average. I took this conversation to my girlfriend who is very beautiful. She says she’s rarely approached because she’s on the slim side. I say it’s because she’s gorgeous. I probably get approached more because of my average-ness. She thinks Keala is above average looking and Keala looks friendly when out in public. (Do I look friendly?)

Really? Is that so?

What do you think family?

Also, based on outward appearance alone men, would you prefer Jada Pinkett Smith(small & petite) or Jennifer Hudson(full figured & voluptuous)?

LESSON LEARNED: True Beauty is within and it shines through without.

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