Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So, You Were in a Car Accident. BTW, When was your last pap smear?

On February 26, 2008, I was sitting on Rhame Road about to turn into my subdivision, when something hit my car and it went BAM!! Then my head hit the headrest and went BAM!!! I shouted, "DAMN!" My head hurt all night long. The next day my back was hurting.

So, I went to the ER, got checked out. I sprained my foot, got a dorsal/lumbar/cervical strain. I had to go back to the internist for a followup. I swear my back still hurts.

On Monday, March 3, 2008, I went for my followup. I was still in pain. My back was/is still hurting. I told the doctor so.

He looked at me and said, "There's really nothing we can do for you. You look like you'll heal on your own. By the way, when was your last pap smear?"

HUH? What? Pap smear? I was hit from behind while sitting down! Dude!

I told him when my last pap smear was. Then he asked, "Who did it for you?"

"Dr. Shipley," I replied

"Oh. I remember him. He was old when I was in medical school twenty years ago. He's still practicing?"

"Yes. He delivered my youngest son."

"Well, we offer gyn services as well. We also run more diagnostic tests than other gyn's."

By now I'm thinking, "Is that so? I came in here as a result of a car accident and you're trying to steal Dr. Shipley's patients."

All I could say was, "My back still hurts. If I decide to leave Dr. Shipley, I'll give you a call. Thanks for offering." <-- See, that's me being diplomatic.

The short version: I go in to have my back looked at because of a car accident and the doctor asked me how my cookie was doing.

I have no lessons for this blog. If you have any, please enlighten me.

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