Sunday, July 24, 2011

HELP Me Win a Coach Bag! PLEASE!

You can win one too!!!!

Get your entry into our Coach Bag Giveaway.
We are completing consumer surveys on what women really want.

All you do is call (212) 990-6304 then call/text me back at (803) 386-9589 with the password at the end.
We want to know what appeals to professional women about our marketing plan! :)
Once I receive a text message or phone call with your name, number and the password from the (212) 990-6304 number, you will be entered into our fabulous Coach Bag Drawing. 
It is that simple.
We are giving away two bags.  If your name is drawn, I win a bag as well!


Keala M. Jacobs
Senior Beauty Consultant
(803) 386-9589

Wow! The TimeWise® Miracle Set® has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal!

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