Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 26, 2011

Thoughts from yesterday:

July 26, 2011
When in doubt, DO Something; even if it is just a walk around the block.

FOCUS – follow one course until successful

Give each of my customers their own project file folder, not some space in a book.

Fixed Ongoing Concentration, Unlimited Success

Wow!  I thought the following about Mary Kay was very interesting:
“An  overwhelming numbe r  of  M w y  Kay Independent Beauty Consultants are women.
They, however, are extremely diverse - from housewives to u r b a n  professionals and
from all socioeconomic backgrounds.  In short, there i s  no "typicaln Independent
Beauty Consultant.
Becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant is convenient, simple, a n d 
straightforward - a n  individual signs a one page Independent Beauty Consultant
Agreement ("Agreementn) a n d  purchases the Starter Kit for approximately $100.
This kit contains bus ine s s  tools a n d  literature, a s  well as a generous amount of  full
sized M a r y  Kay@ products with a retail value of  over $300.  Furthermore, to reduce
the risk of loss for a new Independent Beauty Consultant and to allow for changed
circumstances, t h e  Company contractually allows the r e turn of t h e  Starter Kit for a
full,  100 percent refund within the first thirty days after a n  Agreement i s  signed.”
And this one too:

“Independent Beauty Consultant h a s  with regard to
receiving a  100 percent refund for her Starter Kit within t h e  first 30 days and the
Company's  promise to buy back, at 9 0  percent of t h e  Beauty Consultant's  original
cost, any of the products she  purchased at wholesale from the Company within one
year from t h e  date of  purchase.  Furthermore, there are no provisions in the
Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement t h a t  prohibit the Independent Beauty
Consultant from conducting other direct selling businesses, even businesses t h a t 
compete directly with M a r y  Kay. This flexibility applies both during as well a s  after
her M a r y  Kay business may end.”

I’ve been going through cycles of having it together to having it a mess since April or May. I know I can keep it together because I’ve been there. Trying to figure out when I get to a point of losing it. Not sure if it’s between those fatigue PMS moments or not. I’m gonna keep a journal to chronicle all of that.

My mom did say everything in my life will be better after the surgery.  I am so looking forward to it.  3 friends who had it this year all say they feel so much better now.

The fatigue and heavy bleeding are the major culprits in my life right now.  Sometimes I get foggy brain too.

I miss ME.  I’m on a campaign to get Keala back.  I do make cameo appearances in my life from time to time though.

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