Friday, April 3, 2009

Valentines Day 2009

This year was sweeter than last year. The man is sweeter too.

2 dozen fresh cut tulips.
A large bag filled with dark chocolates. I love dark chocolates.
A teddy bear that said I’m a keeper.
He brought all of that to my job and surprised me. How sweet.
Dinner at Arizona’s.

Now it’s time to be honest. I’ll tell the story how it really happened.

He called me and asked what time I was getting off that Friday. I told him. He responded with news that he had a delivery coming to my job between 3 and 4. Cool, I’ll still be at work.

Around 3:30 TJ called to tell me his truck broke down and I had to pick him up. So, I left to go get TJ and call the insurance company to have his truck towed.

On my way to my car, I called him to tell him that his delivery had not made it yet and I had to leave. He told me that the delivery guy was there and I should look up.

I looked up and there he was in all BLACK walking towards me, looking oh so sexy, and carrying an arm full of tulips. He had a big gift bag in the other arm filled with dark chocolates.

Dude scored big time that day. I was pleasantly surprised.

Too bad on Valentines day he took Ms. Cranky to dinner, or at least he tried to take Ms. Cranky to dinner. She wanted to go to Arizona’s, but the wait was 2 hours. OH NO! We cannot wait 2 hours for dinner. So, we went to several different restaurants looking for one with little to no wait time. Good luck with that on Valentine’s day.

After they left Red Lobster, Ms. Cranky had reached her cranky height. In the car he had the audacity to recommend yet another restaurant. Ms. Cranky had had enough and she replied with, “You can just take me home and you go find some food. I KNOW what I want, and if I can’t have it I’d rather starve.”

After that outburst, the poor sweet man became afraid of Ms. Cranky. Needless to say, she got what she wanted from Arizona’s and afterwards turned into Keala the sweetest woman a man could want.

Crabcakes and wine. lol

Did I mention we saw Slumdog Millionaire and we both hated it?

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