Monday, April 7, 2008

March 4, 2008

March 4, 2008

"Doing without any extra expenses such as:

eating out, drinking coffee, movies & entertainment,

using a computer at the library so I

do not have an internet bill, limiting trips to

the store to save gas, time and money. Finding

'free food' on campus. Sell or get rid of

anything that you do not need. Extra clutter

clutters your mind and causes unnecessary

stress. Walking is great exercise and helps to

clear your mind. Always have a positive attitude

and know that tomorrow is going to be a

better day than today."

Margie Komistra

My birthday is the 25th and I celebrate the entire month. I did get sidetracked at the beginning of the month because of the BAM BAM DAMN incident. However, today is the 4th and I am back on track.

My goal this month is to get rid of all of my clutter before the 25th. I want to spend my 38th year celebrating peace, freedom, humanity, the earth, the universe, and all that is beautiful, wonderful, good.



Today is April 8, 2008 and I am just now posting this entry. The good news is that I have gotten rid of the clutter. The journey towards peace is going well. Life is good.

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