Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Week In Review

Warning: This entry is just a bunch of my ramblings during my boring down time. Please don't take it too seriously.
I think I may start playing with HTML again. Get serious about my skills. Something has to change in my life.

Add http://www.distancehealer.net/index.htm to stumble. Susan is a wonderful and beautiful person. She lived about 3 houses down from me for at least 3 to 4 years before I moved into my own home.

Today is a good day. I am enjoying my work and the space I reside in. Life is good. Life is damn GREAT!

The Truth by India.Arie reminds me of Doug. I love that song and I love that man.
Add http://www.pandora.com/ to stumble as well.

It's 3:10 pm and I am sleepy. I guess those Emerald Nuts commercials are true. Yall better be careful with that 3pm energy zapper. I went to the vending machine to get some nuts but sadly they were not Emerald's. I guess I'll just have to quietly find a place to go snooze and pray nobody misses me.

I had a cube visitor and the visit woke me up. Feeling much better now.

Last week was my birthday and it was beautiful. Doug took me to Ruth's Chris on Tuesday. I had a party on Friday. Herman bought both of my cakes: a red velvet and a rainbow sheet cake. My friends and family came out to help celebrate. We had fun.

On Saturday I had the Cloud Nine treatment at Urban Nirvana thanks to wonderful Doug. God I appreciate that man. He's coming to fix my bathroom plumbing tonight. Literally, not figuratively.
I know I have only been blogging on a weekly basis, but I'm trying to get back to my normal schedule. My schedule got messed up when I decided to blog only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends. Big mistake. That schedule did not work out well for me. So, I am back to testing which schedule will suit my life better. I have been diligently avoiding feature creep on my life and I love the results.

Some friends invited me to dinner tonight. I am not sure if it's for me or them. They called the day of my birthday to say they wanted to take me to dinner that night. Well, if you know me, you know I already had plans and I hate last minute invites like that. Ugh. So they asked me to pencil them in my schedule. (I went to all you can eat crab legs with those people. I'm not talking to them anymore because I hurt myself with those crab legs. They didn't even warn me that the legs were that good.....*scratching my arms wanting more*)

The baby shower for my grandbaby is April 26th. It is suppose to be at my home, but I may change that location. I'll be sending out the invitations this week. I need to double check with my mom because she's sending out invites as well.

I remember writing a review about a site that helps with showers and special occasions. I may have to dig that site back up to get some help with our shower. We shall see. For those of you care, we are registered at Target. You can go to Target.com and look up the gift registry for father Anthony Jacobs in SC and Mother Christina Macon in SC. Go on and buy them a gift from Target and have it delivered to the address in the registry.
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