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[ 11:11 Progress List ] -- A Lesson on Being Worthy

A Lesson on Being Worthy.
A Thought Adjuster Transmission – October 5, 2004.

There are still pockets of resistance in you towards My Light. The biggest problem is that you see yourself as unworthy. It is very rare indeed to find an individual who feels him or herself one hundred percent worthy. Some even go as far as to say that they are vile sinners, others adhere to the belief that all are conceived and born in sin, and therefore incapable of doing any good. Then there are those who believe that once you break one commandment, you break them all, as faith is only as good as its weakest link in the chain. There are many such other beliefs, but the worst one is where the female is relegated to a lower status than that of the male; a view held most widely across the planet.

Obviously, these are all erroneous concepts, and illusions born in the minds of men, who dictated them into creeds, dogmas, isms, and over time they have become accepted belief systems, and ultimately, the supposed word of God. Eastern and western belief-systems have their own faulty aspects. One only has to look at the conditions as they exist in the world today. Very few religions accept the female as being equal to the male, and yet there is the shimmering belief that all are equal in the eyes of the Creator. Yet, this most important fact has still to 'hit home' in the hearts and souls of mainstream humanity. This needs to be addressed, first and foremost, so the feminine aspect of the planet can finally gain the recognition, which is truly overdue. This illusion is most keenly felt by the females of the species, and by the more sensitive males.

It saddens the celestial beings to see the treatments meted out to the females, who are deserving of having a more exalted status, as they are the bearers of life and are therefore closer to the Source of Life. The Creator loves all of creation equally and makes the sun shine on the just and the unjust. God's laws are irrevocable, and the sooner humanity understands Who governs the laws of nature, the sooner they will accept this governance. They will then not thoughtlessly go on to poison the atmosphere, the waters and the lands of the planet, which, although falling in a different category, is also a child of the Most High Creator, in fact an embryo in the womb of God the Supreme, the evolving God of time and space. The planet herself is in growing pains, which are being made more intense due to the thoughtless creatures living upon her, who rape and pillage her for the greed of only a few, whereas all of humanity have been given the role of caretakers, and therefore all ought to share in her joys and beauty.

Please take a larger and longer view of life and the purpose of living here. There are grander vista's awaiting. Wake up out of the illusion of unworthiness. Shake off the shackles of doubt and the blinders of religious incompetence of your so-called spiritual leaders. Turn to the Stillness within and make your own God-connection. Walk the path of unconditional love and forgiveness, towards self and others in loving service. Humanity needs to rise up and become so much more than it presents itself as. A grand awakening needs to occur in the hearts and souls of men, women and children everywhere – that of knowing, accepting, and acting as a worthy children of the Creator God.
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