Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy VDAY

We had our monthly department meeting today where we were informed that internet usage is being monitored and if we access sites NOT work related, we will be reprimanded.

I will still blog, just NOT on my blog. I am writing this on Notepad and I will import it into my blog when I get home. Clever? Yes, clever.

The only downside is that I cannot interact with my friends anymore.

I probably won't have time anyway as we have won some new contracts which means more work which means less down time for me. about time. I was getting bored fa real.

Well, today I have done all I can do. I sent out all of my stuff and now I am playing the waiting game. Waiting on the work to come back to me. waiting
and more waiting

In other news, Happy Valentines Day! Doug got me good last night. He said he needed me to take him to pick up his truck. I took him to get his truck and he said he wanted me to come back to his place for a minute.

I thought, OK. Just a minute because I have stuff at the house to do.

When I walked into his house, I saw the most beautiful bouquet of roses. Awwwww how sweet of him. In front of the roses was a golden box of Godiva chocolates. Aw Damn, double sweet. Like I wasn't expecting something nice from him (tee hee hee). And there was a gift bag with the purple Mary Kay Spa Collection in it. That man knows what I like. I really appreciate him.

In addition to all of that we are going to Tyler Perry's The Marriage Counselor tomorrow night. Afterwards, "where ever Keala wants to go and whatever Keala wants to do." That is such a beautiful thang. He is the sweetheart I want in my life.

Now, I must go research how to love a Capricorn man? Dang, I can't do that here at work anymore. DAMN.

Product endorsement: Ice Breakers energy - natural and artificial flavor Peppermint Mints with caffeine. I have been popping these and I think I might be developing an addiction to them. Pray for me. Keala don't want to be addicted to nuffin.

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