Thursday, February 14, 2008

What are your Dating Lessons Learned?

Yesterday I posted an entry titled, Who Da Hail Is Tim?

I came up with the title while playing with my multiply friends on Eddie’s page. See, I think it was Nina, kept posting tests from OkCupid. In order to take the tests, I had to register. When I tried to register, it told me I already had an account and my username was TimsNewWoman. My first reaction to that one was, “Who Da Hail Is Tim?”

Trying to remember who Tim was reminded me of this goal. So I wrote my first entry and titled it Who Da Hail Is Tim?

At the end of the entry was a Lesson Learned. The Lesson Learned from “Who Da Hail Is Tim?” was: Never loan a man money. Never date someone who has no aspirations or whose aspirations, dreams and goals are lower on the totem pole than your own.

What are some of your most memorable dating lessons learned? I am so curious. Please share…

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