Friday, February 15, 2008

Jo Jo Dancer is HUNGRY. Are you hungry?

Up late flipping through the channels the other night. I stopped on Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling. I have never watched that movie all the way through. I had no idea the little boy grew up in a brothel.

Well, just witnessing that reminded me of my own family. My maternal grandfather’s mother ran a brothel. Yes, Keala is the great grand daughter of a Madame.

Back to Jo Jo Dancer. The main character had naysayers and a peanut gallery to contend with. We all do. His father was the main naysayer and leader of Jo Jo’s peanut gallery.

When he made the pivotal decision to move to Chicago, his woman let him go alone. No support from her. To make matters worse, they were MARRIED. How could you let your spouse go? She chose her other family over her own husband. She was not ready for marriage.

A scene I liked was when Jo Jo was on a bus to Chicago. His stomach was growling loud from hunger pains. Just so happened he was sitting next to a little boy eating fried chicken from a shoe box. Remember the days? Lunch or dinner in a shoe box is a real box lunch. I love it.

I have more than one question for this entry. You can answer them all or pick and choose.

  1. What is your scandalous family secret? I won’t tell. I promise.
  2. Who are the members of your Peanut Gallery and naysayers?
  3. How do you handle your Peanut Gallery and naysayers?
  4. this next question is for married folk. – - How supportive are you of your spouse’s dreams? Would you be willing to move away from your extended family to help support your spouse’s dream/career?
  5. What are your most memorable hunger/eating moments while traveling?
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