Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Much More Can I Take?

I'm so tired of the loss.  I really am.

My dad died March 16, 2009.
My best friend and cousin died April 3, 2010.
My sister died April 12, 2011!

Am I to expect someone close to me to die every year here after?  I am so sick of this assault on my family and the people I love.

Dear Lord,
Please don't take away any more of my family members in the next few years, including myself.  I'm tired of saying good bye to people I love so much.  I don't want to miss another family member and sit and reminisce about the times we shared.  I'm too tired for that.  Please give us more time together.

I was so blessed to have these beautiful people touch my life.  John Brown filled me with so much of his love that I couldn't feel a gaping hole in my heart when he left.  When he left me, he left so much of him inside of me I am so blessed to have had him in my life.  So blessed to have been his first born.  So blessed.
Timothy was my introduction to what little boys are made of.  Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.  That's what little boys are made of.  We got into mischief at Grandma's together.  I'm not sure if he started the mischief or if I started it.  Whoever started it, we enjoyed the fun and punishment together.  We were very competitive too.  My Ace!  My main mayne MAN.  RIP Dude!

Kathy Gamble was The Beautiful One!  I believe when Prince wrote that song he had her in mind.  I was jealous of her because I thought she stole my mom from me.  Little did I know that Mom had enough love for both of us.  Kathy was such a fragile soul.  She was easy to love and easy to hate at the same time.  You never had to question where you stood with her because she always made it clear.  Love me some Kathy.  She was way too young to leave this place and way too young to suffer the way she suffered.  I pray she is at complete peace now.  She deserves to have love peace and Heaven.
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