Friday, March 4, 2011

You Smell Nice

You smell nice - Originally written June 30, 2006

"I really need to check my email," I think as I walk into the bank. I guess I'll check it from my phone.

As I walk in, I see a very tall and handsome young man standing in line. There are two other women at the teller windows. Good, I don't have to wait long. That boy looks like somebody's son. I wonder if he's running errands for his mama. I'm checking my emails.

"You smell nice," he says.

"Thanks," I reply as I look up and give him a genuine smile. I quickly return to checking my emails.

"Are you playing a game on that thing?" he asks.

"Oh no. I'm checking my email." I reply again.

"Cool," he says as he steps up to the counter to handle his business, or his mama's business. I'm now first in line and I go right back to checking my email.

He leaves, then it's my turn. I make my transaction, then I leave as well.

When I get outside, I see the young man sitting in his car. He summons me to come near. I'm thinking he may have a question or something. He did....

He asked me, "Are you married?"


"Are you seeing anyone special right now?"


"So, you are single?"


"Hi, my name is Herman. What's yours?"

"Keala," I reply as I extend my hand for a handshake.

"Do you mind if I give you my number so you can call me if you want to?"

Right about now I'm thinking why doesn't he just ask me for my number instead, but I already know the answer.

"What's your number? I can put it in my phone now." I say.

He gives me the number. I immediately call his phone and he answers with a huge smile. We continue our conversation right there on the phone. Of course I have to ask him how old he is.


"Ok, " I say. That's just old enough for me.

I get in my car and we chat for a few minutes while we're driving our separate ways. I look at this young man and what I see doesn't quite match what he reveals to me. I see a real youngin, and he turns out to be a grown up responsible gentleman.


Never judge a a book by it's cover....

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