Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So you like my package?

So you like my package?

Oooo Baby…. I like that now…..
Now THAT I like….. Guuuuuuuurl………
You packing some nice stuff….

So….you like what you see?
Oh? You like me?!?
Brotha, you don’t even KNOW me.
You may like this packaging, but you don’t know what’s inside.
Once you figure out how to open it, you may just want to walk away before you even see the goods inside.
You see, this package you like is very special and delicate.
You can’t just tear it open like some birthday boy on his birthday.
Opening this package requires patience, knowledge, cleverness, tenderness, wisdom, love, the Holy Spirit, and …… A….. MAP!

If you are fortunate enough to open it, can you handle what’s inside?
Will you even know what to do with what’s inside?
Will you recognize that which is in the package? ß Probably NOT!

See, lots of men see this package and say they like it. But they don’t even try to figure it out properly in order to get a chance to open it.

They try to go straight for the so called goods, not realizing that there’s more to the package than the pretty wrapping. 
Maybe they just don’t care that there’s more to the package than the pretty wrapping. 
Either way, they end up disrespecting the ENTIRE Total Package and miss out on a wonderful gift. 

You see, I am a Total Package Woman. 
You can’t just go tearing at the wrapping for the goods because there is way more to me than you see. 
You cannot fathom what this package really is. 

So, the next time your lustful eye covets the outside packaging, think again. You say you like it. But the reality is you don’t even know this package or what it contains. 

I could be a real b*tch or I could be a real w*tch 
You really don’t know because all you see is the wrapping I could be your worst nightmare or I could be your dream come true 
How would you know if all you’re concerned with is the wrapping? 

I could be your best friend or I could be your worst enemy 
Unless you approach the package with care, you’ll NEVA know. 
 You see, I am the Total Package Woman. 

Proceed with caution…..
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