Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

March 25 was my birthday. I feel internally beautiful and at peace. I love this feeling. All of my needs are met. I want for nothing. I feel like the 23rd Psalm. I feel at rest. I want to bottle this feeling and sell it. Naw. I would like to bottle it up for when I am not as rational as I should be. Trash that. I'm holding on to this feeling for as long as possible.

Doug offered to take me to the restaurant of my choice for my birthday. I was torn between Dianne's on Devine and Ruth's Chris. I finally chose Dianne's. I appreciate him. I was trippin over him this weekend, but I'm better now. My little episode this weekend confirmed that I am a spoiled little one and at times bratty. Not going into any more details about that one. We finally went to Ruth's Chris instead.

Back to my birthday. I am 38 today and feel great. I've lost 8 lbs since I started working closer to home with less traffic stress.

I have wonderful friends who really do love me and love them back. Life is great. I'm loving it.
And yes, I am spoiled.
Happy Birthday To Me!
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