Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Watching CNN's Potomac Primary Coverage

Hillary looks tired. It almost looks like an act, ungenuine. How can she talk about our problems? She not living our problems. Her husband still has his Presidential salary. When she leaves the Senate, her salary will NOT CHANGE.

I wonder if she ever made minimum wage? I like having Congress not raising their salaries until minimum wage is raised first. That's what her mouth is saying.

The Maryland polls close in less than 10 minutes. My mom went and voted today. Yes she voted for Obama. I told her NOT to take her friends who were for Hillary to the polls. I'm bad like that.

That Hillary speech did not move me.

Obama beat Hillary in VA. Yall VA folk ain't playing. Now we have to see how MD and DC did.

Barack finally caught up with Hillary in total delegates. He had her in pledged delegates a while ago. Those super delegates are what's keeping Hillary in the race...for now.

This just in. CNN projects Obama to win the Maryland Primary.

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