Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Craig Bowers

Craig Bowers was the first boy I really liked, but Pressley Harvin was my first boyfriend.

Pressley lived down the street from me and he had it bad for me. He walked me home from the bus stop everyday. Sometimes he even offered to carry my books. Pressley really liked me except he was afraid of my step-father. All the boys were afraid of my step-father.

My step-father was the type to let everybody know he has shotguns and other weapons and he wasn’t afraid to use them to defend his daughters. Pressley had every right and reason to be afraid of Willie James (my step-father).

One day Pressley got the nerve to actually tell Willie James how he felt about me. I was shocked. I really hadn’t given Pressley much thought until that day. See, I had my mind, my eyes, and my heart set on Craig Bowers.

I had it really bad for Craig. Just like I felt about Pressley, that’s how Craig felt about me. In Craig’s mind, I was just a friend, one of the boys. Craig had a girlfriend, but he still had time to play paper football with me. We talked on the phone for hours and we played on the monkey bars together. I would watch Craig go from one end to the other while Keisha and I would pretend we were on the gymnastics parallel bars. We were pretty good too. I actually took gymnastics at the Y and Keisha actually took dance and Libby’s. So we knew what we were doing (in our little minds).

Back to Craig & Pressley. I never took Pressley seriously until he mustered the courage to tell Willie James that he was in love with me. Pressley with all of his 11 years of wisdom confronted Willie James to say that he was going to make me his woman. I was very impressed by that act alone. That one act along with all of Pressley’s pestering finally made me say yes when he asked me to “go with him”. So at 11 years old, Pressley was my first boyfriend, but I still had it bad for Craig Bowers.

LESSON LEARNED: You never know what a person has to offer until you see them in action. IOW: Never judge a book by its cover.

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