Sunday, January 27, 2008

Random Writing

Not in the mood

Allan had a fever today

I gave him Motrin, then Tylenol

He missed the birthday party he wanted to go to today

William had a cold last week

I woke up at 3:30 unable to breathe this morning

William was being rather clingy when he had that cold

I think I caught it from him

I've been perusing different blogs and sites today

Usually I read them, but not today

I was just not in the mood to actually read them though

My throat itches

Today is my dad's birthday

My brother just called to remind me

I thought it was tomorrow

A good article about simplifying is here

I learned about Google Scholar today. Cool

It's after 11 and I'm still wide awake! What's this about?

Markus is always blogging something good. He blogged about The Secret again. Loved it as usual.

American corporations are always thinking of new ways to take our money, rape us, steal from us. They have even gotten laws passed in an effort to give it to us in the azz.

While I appreciate the efforts of many well meaning bloggers, tonight I am really not in the mood to do anything about the issues they bring up.

Congratulations goes out to the writer of Zen Habits for his book deal.

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