Monday, January 7, 2008

BabyStep Pledge - Body Clutter Release Contract

BabyStep Pledge
Body Clutter Release Contract

I, Keala Brown, being of clear mind and with a renewed commitment to release the Body Clutter I have collected in my mind and on my thighs, do hereby declare that I will take
BabySteps to ensure life long changes. These BabySteps will include changes in my food, movement and overall attitude toward them and me.

  1. I make a commitment to not beat myself up when I make a mistake. I realize that I am not perfect and I never will be, and that in order to establish a new habit my success lies in continual changes that do not happen overnight.
  2. I make a commitment to forgive myself for the Body Clutter I have collected. I will not look back in disgust, but only forward to the new changes in my way of living, celebrating each new day.
  3. I will no longer be afraid of the scale. I will weigh myself each morning and chart what is happening to my body. This number is going to help me see what I need to do. It is not a reason for punishment. It is a guidepost for including more fiber, more movement and water in my recipe for living.
  4. I make a commitment to blessing my heart with Loving Movement every day, even if it is only for 15 minutes. I can do anything for 15 minutes. Movement is fun, not a penalty.
  5. I commit to balance in all things. I will not allow myself to become overwhelmed and then crash and burn.
  6. I will eat a balanced diet, drink my water and treat myself to nutritious snacks. I will commit to eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and three healthy snacks each day. I will no longer skip meals because this slows my metabolism and my body thinks I am being starved.
  7. I will be honest with myself over what fuel I am putting in my body. I will write it down and not be afraid to face myself.
  8. I will be aware that I am my greatest saboteur; I will be mindful of all the lies I tell myself to keep change from occurring. I realize that how I have been living is not good for me and I am ready for my new attitude of health.
  9. I will bless myself by having nutritious food in my home. This will mean taking time for grocery planning, shopping and cooking. I will no longer live with a drive-by mentality for groceries or meals.
  10. I commit to celebrating each day of this new way of living. This is a lifestyle that will bring health and joy to me. It is not a habit that is going away after the Body Clutter has disappeared.
  11. I commit to showing myself the love that I deserve. Actions speak louder than words. Everything that I do is a reflection of the love that I have for me! I am so proud of me!

Signed this day by my own hand in love and respect for me!

Date Monday January 7, 2008
Keala M. Jacobs

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