Sunday, December 2, 2007

Yesterday Tried Me

I was having a really good day yesterday. Allan and William both went to a birthday party/sleepover. I had hours home alone. Much needed alone time.

I cleaned and refreshed the house and I took a nice nap.

Then TJ started tripping on me. He kept texting me about his gf. He wants to spend more time with her and I am not making it easy for him to. Hell, he works all the time. But the details of his tripping is really inconsequential to this entry.

The main idea is that I was nurturing me yesterday and that teenager almost came between me and this goal. I called my special friend and he told me not stress it.

So, I took his advice. I was contemplating staying home and wallowing in the fact that being a single parent is damn hard work. However, he swooped through and took me out for drinks. He even picked up the teenager from work. That was nurturing for me. The full body massage also helped.

I slept in today as part of my nurture me goal. My mind and my body needed it today. My spirit and my soul needed the work I accomplished yesterday.

Go nurture yourself.
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