Thursday, November 1, 2007

Today is Thursday November 1, 2007

and I am thankful for:

  • friends and family who love me dearly
  • Honest Allan Micheal who says I smell so good
  • Charming William who makes me laugh everyday in some way
  • Teenager TJ who is trying so hard to find his way
  • my health
  • my sweet sweet man who tells me he hates me in such a sarcastic way
  • a salary that pays the bills
  • a car that still runs
  • work to do to keep me gainfully employed
  • my Denzel Washington calendar my coworker Dennis gave me
  • my 360/Multiply friends and family who keep me coming back for more

Today is Thursday November 1, 2007 and I will blog a thankful blog everyday this month. If I don't, then throw rocks at my beautiful crystal house.

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