Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just Sharing

The principal at my sons' school sends us email daily. Sometimes several times a day. Today she sent the following. It reminded me of this blog. I just felt like sharing.

Dear Lake Carolina Parents,

This morning I woke up weepy. Usually when I get weepy about Lake Carolina, it's because of something like our children singing, supporting each other, or reading for the very first time. But, this morning, my weepiness was due to seeing two little girls almost get hit by a car yesterday during dismissal. This near accident almost occurred even though I was in the street yelling "Stop, Stop, Stop," as well as Deputy Vance and Mr. Newton. The car didn't stop until through the crosswalk, but thankfully our little girls did. Even as I write this to you, I am getting teary again. This driver was not a Lake Carolina parent, but I must share with you that parent, neighbor, visitor, or whoever, we don't need to go anywhere so quickly that we will put the life of a child or anyone in danger. No where.

There is a very popular book titled Good to Great by Jim Collins. In his book, he refers to "brutal realities." We have some brutal realities at Lake Carolina. Four of those realities are:
1- We have traffic.
2- We are not the only school with traffic.
3- We have a lot of precious children.
4- Dr. Lynch and her staff will not compromise the safety of our precious children to hurry traffic.

Please know that I realize that "we" are a very caring community. But, I need to be able to add to that descriptor during dismissal and arrival the word "Patient." We continue to do things daily that compromise the safety of children and quite frankly, even though it makes me sad, I completely understand why Deputy Vance is now writing tickets.

Please understand that in Richland District Two and at Lake Carolina, Safety DOES trump everything. I ask that you work with us as a community to make sure that arrival and dismissals are safe EVERY single day for ALL children. Remember, no where that we need to go is important enough to sacrifice the safety of ANY child or ANYONE.

Dr. James Ann Lynch
Lake Carolina Elementary
1151 Kelly Mill Road
Blythewood, SC 29016
P(803) 714-1300

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