Monday, November 5, 2007

Repost from May 2006 - Flirting with Married Men

flirting with married men again....bad girl....
flirting with married men again....bad girl.... magnify

I did it Saturday night. I touched him on the dance floor, and I let him touch me back on the dance floor. He was all over me.

Now flirting with this married man on Saturday night was NOT my intention when I went out. My girlfriend called me early Saturday morning and said she needed a wing man for her date on Saturday night.

Well, her date said he would hook me up with one of his friends from years ago. His “friend” is 40, single, rich, never been married, no children, never even been in a long term relationship. Well, when men fit into that category, I always ask, “what’s wrong with him?” “Why doesn’t he have a woman?”

Believe you me, I found out on Saturday night what was wrong. He has NO personality!!!

I tried to have a conversation with him, but it was very dull. It was like pulling teeth from a chicken. So, there were other men there wanting to talk to me, and I obliged.

It just so happened that the one I clicked with happened to be married. We just talked, danced, and enjoyed each other’s company for the night.

He asked for my number, but I said NO. He asked why and I told him that I don’t do married men. He wanted to know why was I even spending time with him at that moment, and I told him because I know I probably won’t ever see him again. I was just enjoying the moment for what it was – A MOMENT. Something temporary.

When the night was over, (when the club kicked us out because it was 2am), we went to the toy store. I eyed some rabbits and bullets. I didn’t buy anything. I bet if I had played my cards right with that married man, I could have gotten a toy that night. But, I don’t take what’s NOT mine. So I didn’t. I went home, went to bed and I didn’t even masturbate. I was a very good girl.

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