Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday Weekend 2012

The birthday weekend started out pretty uneventful.
I took Friday off to go play with my girlfriends at Career Conference in Duluth GA.
We ate lunch at Chipotle on Friday and ALL of us got ill.  UGH.
Saturday's lunch was a nice linen affair.

Flower arrangement that I should have stolen.

Me looking kinda tired.

Bracelet I won! Yay!

Sunday morning was really NICE.  I slept in, didn't go to church, didn't watch tv.  Went outside for some air and found this iris in the backyard.  I thought the dog dug up all my bulbs I planted.  Obviously she missed about 3 of them.  Yay AGAIN! I thought it was a lovely sight after that storm on Saturday. A sweet birthday present to wake up to.
Sunday I had to get boys from their dad.  I went to Christina's to get my gift & a glass of merlot.  Company with friends you love is always a treat. I had some birthday cake there and enjoyed the girls.
Sunday night my youngest brother and his wife came over with lilies and a birthday cake.  How sweet.

I didn't party this year like I did last year, but this birthday was so sweet to me.  I felt loved, special and extremely blessed.

So grateful for March 25, 2012.

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