Saturday, February 13, 2010

All You Need Is Love

Yes, it's that time of year again.  What do you have planned?  Us? We're just going out to dinner and sharing time together.  We have too much other stuff going on to make it a great big day.

You don't have anyone to share that day with?

You could meet someone on the internet like I did.  I met Antonio on  If you've already tried that one, you could also try these sites:

  Yahoo Personals was fun when I was single.  I met maybe 2 or 3 people there.  I really don't remember them.  Wow!  That's interesting.  Didn't find the love I needed there.

Or you could go to - Grow in Faith, Fall in Love

Create your FREE account now and SAVE 15% when you upgrade to a paid membership by using promo code "CMDATE".  You could find the love there.  I dare you to click on it.

Yeah, I found these links just for my single friends looking for love this Valentine's season.  Let me know how the Love goes.

In other news:

  • I had a very long week or two.  I managed to keep my love about me though.
  • TJ left for AF BMT last week.  I miss him so much!  He is my first born.  I LOVE HIM!  And I really miss him too.  But this is something he really needs right now.  He'll come back a betta man.
  • Antonio's aunt passed last Wednesday.
  • We went to the funeral last Saturday.  Her son had me crying.  He really loved his mother.  Lots of people really loved her.
  • All week last week, we were doing a disaster recovery exercise at work.  Working ungodly hours.  I wonder if it was appreciated.....
  • William cut his arm last Thursday and got 6 staples in it.  - - - You know that staple gun the doctor used was way cool.  I saw how he stapled William up so quickly and thought I could have done that at home if I had a gun like that.  Now I want one of those cool staple guns!  Seriously, moms everywhere could save a lot of time and money stapling there kids up instead of going to the ER and paying someone to do it.  I KNOW I CAN DO THAT AT HOME!  At least I would really LOVE to do it at home.
  • Owen started chemo this week and also had to get a blood transfusion.  Please continue to keep him and my mom in your prayers.  I would really LOVE that.
  • I wonder who really reads this stuff I post. .  . . 
  • I bought a DivaCup today and now I LOVE it!
  • Timothy is still making slow and steady progress.  I found out today that he got accepted into Carolina's Rehab!  When I last saw him he was yawning and blinking.  Please continue to keep him in your prayers.
  • We got SNOW here in South Carolina.  It's still snowing right now!  Not really excited about that anyway.  I took some photos and will post them later.
That's all I have to say today.  I'm tired and I need to go to bed.  Good Night.
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