Friday, January 15, 2010

Love Shower

Thank God It’s FRIDAY!  I can say that the best part of today so far is that I am above ground, it’s FRIDAY and Monday is a MLK HOLIDAY!  Yay Friday and Martin Luther King!


My shower has always had great water pressure.  So good it feels like a massage.  I love IT. Until this morning.  When I turned on the shower as usual, everything seemed fine.  Then, before I could even get in, I heard the water pressure decrease.  I looked in and it looked the same.  However, when I got in that good old reliable massaging pressure was gone.  I was not happy.  What would cause water pressure to all of a sudden change?  I looked it up.  I may need a plumber.  That is never good news.


Then when I got to work this morning, the floodgates were already open with requests, to do lists, emails, and “Keala Please Assist”.  “Keala Please Assist” translates to Keala you have to do this.  I tried to assist, but I just couldn’t function properly until I had completed my usual morning routine.  My routine was already tampered with by the absence of Cynthia.  To top it off there was no coffee and my eggs were runny.


Today is the day Cynthia has her lumpectomy.   Please visit her here and leave an encouraging comment or an encouraging donation.  I will be sending positive energy and prayers her way all day.  I’m sure you can do that too.


I have another dear sweet friend who is a distance healer who will be sending positive healing energy Cynthia’s way.



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