Monday, January 11, 2010

How to love and be loved

"It starts with loving yourself."

How I did it: I started loving me first.  When I released all of the pain of the past and forgave myself and others, I became FREE to love and be loved.

The next thing I did was to list what it took to love me.  Then I did all it took to love me.

After that I listed the qualities I wanted in a mate.  Then I posted my personal qualities and the ones I were looking for on an internet dating site and began accepting applications.

I made it fun for me.  If someone didn't meet my standards, fine.  It was fun finding out if they met them.  Weeding through the "weeds" was a fun experience for me.

When I finally met the right person, I had to learn to trust again and allow myself to become vulnerable with him.  He has been awesome.  I am totally transparent with him and he loves me and vice versa.  We work so well together.

We accept each other right where we are and we are both willing to grow together.  This is something we both have come to terms with.

Lessons & tips:
  • forgive yourself of your transgressions
  • forgive others of past transgressions against you 
  • forgiveness allows you to be free 
  • love yourself
  • learn your good and bad qualities so you'll know what you have to offer and what needs improvement.  
  • if necessary, enlist the help of close personal friends and relatives 
  • list what you want in a loving mate  
  • put your desires out into the universe 

It took me 40 years.

It made me happy and at peace
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