Friday, February 1, 2008

What I Thought Today

Time for a new day

Time for a different attitude

Time for an unusual approach

It is time for change


My computer at work is acting funky funny today

I just found out it’s not just my computer

It’s the entire damn network

What could have been

Is not

It is only a lingering thought that dies before realization

When I’m in my car driving, I seem to always think of great blog topics. Then when I sit down to my computer to type the latest and greatest thought, I forget what it was I thought of.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written an interesting blog, a normal blog, one in which an intelligent thought was put into its effort. I’ve just been really busy with this thing called LIFE.

Electric word life
It means forever and that's a mighty long time
But I'm here 2 tell u
There's something else
The afterworld

A world of never ending happiness
U can always see the sun, day or night

Oops. Sorry lost track of the interesting, intelligent, and thought provoking blog I intended to write.

I’ve also been spending way too much time trying to figure out how to really get paid to blog. I’m about to give up on that goal and go back to blogging as usual. We’ll see.

Sometimes when I look in the mirror to fix my hair I find lint. When I go to pull the lint out of my beautiful locks I am horrified to see that it wasn’t lint at all. It’s gray hair. My gray hair is not gray either. It’s snow white! Oh the horror.

My dad has gray hair. My younger brothers have gray hair. My younger sister has gray hair. My step mom has gray hair. So, it should only follow that since I am the oldest I should be getting gray hair as well.

However, I thought that since nobody really knows the true color of my mother’s hair, I would not be getting gray hair yet. Ok, nature did not give my mom her youthful rainbow of different hair colors. The bottles did. I remember at one point in time her hair was a different color every single time I saw her. She was really busy with some bottles you know. Her hair has been jet black, dusty black, brown, auburn, red, purple (really?), orange, light brown, honey blonde, dark brown, platinum blonde, and all shades in between the shades I have mentioned. I bet there’s gray hair hiding on her somewhere. I’m afraid to mention where.

Again, I posted a beautiful photo that has absolutely nothing to do with this entry. It's William. His dad took the photo at the mall and shared it with me. I had to post it because William is so handsome. Can you see his lazy eye?

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