Monday, February 18, 2008

No Worries

No Worries

Worry has not been my friend. I find that when I worry, bad things happen just because I worry.

I don't worry much in this new life I am living.

However, during my separation and shortly after my divorce, I played with worry from time to time.

I must say I was not raised to know what worry was.

My mom was not much of a worrier. My grandmother was not much of a worrier. My dad was more of a dreamer than a worrier. He was/is also good at solving problems. God I love that man.


time passed since I wrote what's above
i worked
i did some other stuff

It is now 4:01pm on the day after Valentine's day and I have a headache. It's an I'm sick of looking at the computer headache.

I had to take my Valentine some juice and soup for lunch. He has the flu. I patiently await his recovery. The dr. said for him to be inside until Monday. He says he's going to work tomorrow. Poor soul. He works too much.

Well, since he can't go to the play tonight, he gave me the tickets and said to take my gf. My gf and I will enjoy the play. Then afterwards, we may go get into some trouble. We'll see. But like I was saying earlier, "No Worries".

I really have a headache. I might need a nap before the play tonight.


Christina and I went to the play. Tyler Perry is a genius. If The Marriage Counselor is coming to a town near you, I highly recommend it. Funny, spiritual, touching, a joy to watch.

We sat behind the lady in the photo. We were fascinated by that gold cat on her back. She has no idea we were taking photos of her cat. That cat was funny man. I had to snap snap it with my camera phone.

After the play we went to Hush, then Sunset, then Elements, then back to Sunset.

Hush is too bougie for me. Sunset is cool, Elements is cool. I do like Elements better than Sunset though. Elements had the Black Diamonds on their TV screens all night long. That was pleasure for my eyes.

What do you think of the Cat Lady?

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