Thursday, February 21, 2008

About My Lifetime

I am a survivor. I have been to Hell, Purgatory, Heaven and Earth. This site is about my journey, my thoughts, my questions, my life, my present, my past, my future, my moments in Hell, my moments in Purgatory, My moments in Heaven, my moments on Earth, but most importantly, my LIFE LESSONS.

If you're interested in overcoming, having fun, interesting dialogue, witty conversations, and sharing LIFE LESSONS, then you will find something here on a daily basis. If you are not sure about Hell, Purgatory, Heaven, or Earth, my LIFE LESSONS may give you a clue. Then again, they may not. That's up to you and your perspective.

Starting February 22, 2008, all of my entries will either have a LIFE LESSON, a pondering question, or a link to a blog that specializes in the topic I wrote about that day. I have yet to decide how that will be, but it will develop and we will run with it.

Although I am a domestic violence survivor, this blog will not be about domestic violence. Every October I focus on Domestic Violence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Every once in a while I will write about DV, but not very often.

I like to concentrate on living in the here and now, something I learned while visiting Purgatory. My major topics are things I encounter everyday. You may even get lucky and witness a conversation I have with myself.

Who am I? I am a divorced mother of three sons, so I do know something about family life and parenting. I am in my late 30's approaching 40, so I do know something about something. I find that the older I get, the less I care about how diplomatic and tactful I am with my words and actions. That should make for an interesting read, write, or discussion from time to time.

BTW, my wasbund reads my blog on a regular basis; he googled me, that's how he found it. He asked that I be more tactful with my writings for his sake, I am not so sure if I can abide by that one. I'll just pretend he no longer exists.

::giggling to myself:: (GTM)

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