Sunday, February 3, 2008

Days days Daze

Day 16 – Read an email from flylady. Done. I do this often darnit.

Day 17 – Set a specific bedtime and stick to it. Man that’s hard for me. I have to go with the late night bedtime of 11pm. Granted it is now 11:27 and I am wide awake typing this mess. I have to have William at school at 6:30 am for his 4th grade field trip.

Day 18 – Read flylady’s eleven commandments. I did that a while ago. That doesn’t mean I have to obey them though. snickering Seriously, I cannot see myself obeying the flylady commandment # 10. Can you?

Day 19 – Read the testimonial. Done. I cheated and read it several times. Good.

Day 20 – maybe tomorrow.

Good Night

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