Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Ok, so I was NOT going to write a blog today, but I got sucked into it.

I logged on to my blog today and noticed that I have 2 readers subscribed to me! Yippee. Granted one of those readers is me. Yes, I subscribe to myself. Somebody has to believe in Keala Brown.

So, what did we do for the New Year? The boys and I went to Wow 2008 at Finlay Park last night. It was geared successfully towards the little ones. We went with the intentions of having as much fun as possible and we SUCCEEDED! Yes we did.

We arrived early and got our tickets without having to wait in any lines. They had rides and games and karaoke. We even did the Cupid Shuffle and the Soldier Boy.

William went on all of the rides. Allan went on only the rides he was eligible for because of his height. They really loved the walk through space ride. I believe they went in there about 8 or 9 times.

While waiting in line for the Berry Go Round, I noticed the beautiful smell of some dead animal cooking. It smelled really delicious to me. I was really enjoying it until two young teen girls walked by wreaking of weed. Yes the little girls were at the park smoking weed last night.

At 9pm the fireworks began. We watched the fireworks, then got out of there because it was cold last night.

Well, that's all I have for now. Like I said before, I was NOT going to blog today, but I got sucked into it.

Happy New Year 2008!
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