Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 5

  • Getting Dressed to lace up shoes
  • Keeping our sink shining
  • Reading 2 minutes of Reminders
  • Looking at our posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom
The FlyLady says:

Are you hearing any of those nagging negative voices popping into your head? I want you to take a piece of paper and write down what you hear then I want you to turn those ugly words around and say something nice to yourself to negate the ugly words that they said.

This is the most difficult so far. I have a very hard time writing my negative voices to myself. I have no problem ignoring them. However they are there nagging me into an internal anger. I realize that is dangerous and not good for my mental and emotional well being.

Here goes:
they think you’re irresponsible
you can’t do everything
you think you can do everything
you’re being lazy – get up
you spend too much time on the computer
they world wants to use you
you need more
you need to do more
you need to be more

turn arounds
they don’t know me. I am doing well. I take care of me and mine. Keala is responsible.
I shouldn’t try to do everything. I am only one person and I should take my time to do what I can when I can in a reasonable amount of time. Keala is beautiful.
Keala is a very special woman.
The world doesn’t know me to want to use me. I am my own person.
I have all that I need right here.
I am all that I need to be within me.
My own acres of diamonds are right here within me.

Done. That was difficult, but well worth it. I feel better already.

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