Friday, December 28, 2007

Today is Friday, December 28, 2007

and I am thankful for:

  • the fact that I force myself to do this little exercise when I am feeling down. Here it is 12:09 am and I am up wide awake. Obviously something is bothering me and I really do not want to get into it right now, however I am thankful that I can come here and force myself to be thankful for something. Anything DAMNIT!
  • a slow week at work this week. Most people are on holiday or sleeping oops I meant out ill. It has been very quiet at the office. Traffic has been light, and parking has been beautiful. I must say that I have enjoyed this slow week to some extent.
  • Maxwell’s NOW CD. I have been listening to that thing for weeks now. I cannot get enough of him and that cd. He does something special to me. Ahhhhh Maxwell. I am thankful God put Maxwell on this planet for my ear and eye pleasure.
  • late night internet chat friends. Yes, I’m chatting with internet friends. People I will probably never meet in person. There is something about the anonymity of internet friends that allows you to let your guard down and share things you would not normally share with strangers. How does that work exactly? Hmmm… I find that very interesting.
  • so many things. I am thankful that I gave birth to my dish washers and I really do not have to wash dishes.

Have a beautiful NEW YEAR!

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