Monday, December 17, 2007

They Trying To Turn Me Into a "HO" Repost From April 2006

They trying to turn me into a "HO" ...sob..boohoo...sniffsniff

What the hell is wrong with this state? I don't wanna be a ho. I ain't got a man. All these poor people, last in education, traffic violating Lt. Governor, leader in the nation in domestic abuse, and this is ALL our lawmakers can come up with.....


Bill would make sex toys illegal in South Carolina

(Columbia-AP) April 21, 2006 - A state lawmaker wants to ban the sale of sex toys.
Republican Representative Ralph Davenport of Boiling Springs proposed the bill that would add sex toys to the state's obscenity laws. Davenport's bill would make it a felony to sell devices used primarily for sexual stimulation.
The proposal also would allow law enforcement to seize sex toys as contraband.
Davenport wouldn't talk to The Associated Press Friday about his bill.
Davenport's home county of Spartanburg has been aggressive in recent months in pursuing charges against owners of adult-oriented businesses. Police there say, however, they are uncertain how Davenport's proposal would help their investigations.
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The link is here.

The culprit's name is Ralph Davenport of Boiling Springs, SC. Guys, you have to google him and let him have it.

The man wants to seize sex toys as CONTRABAND!!!! I'm in trouble. My hiding place must change on a weekly or even daily basis. You think they'll come to my house?

3 entries found for contraband.
con·tra·band ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kntr-bnd) n.
Goods prohibited by law or treaty from being imported or exported. <--That means I can't order any off of the internet! Illegal traffic in contraband; smuggling. Smuggled goods. <--That would make me a smuggler Goods that may be seized and confiscated by a belligerent if shipped to another belligerent by a neutral. <--Now I'm a belligerent!!!! An escaped slave during the Civil War who fled to or was taken behind Union lines. <--I ain't gone be no slave no moadj. Prohibited from being imported or exported. <--I'm in soooo much trouble.
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