Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Please Donate Today!

Dear Fellow Bloggers
How many of you work in an ice box? I do. I keep a space heater to warm me during the polar bear winters we endure here in tropical SC. So does our dear friend Yesha.

You know how it is. It's 50 degrees outside and some polar bear inside turns on the ac. That makes it 30 degrees inside. I experience this myself.

Then the powers that be tell you you cannot have space heaters to overcome the cold. So, like most of us, we go out and buy those tiny little heaters and put them under our desks. When inspection time comes, we HIDE the little buggers in some drawer or supply closet
Well, poor little Yesha did this as well. She was following all of the unspoken rules of keeping warm in polar bear temperatures.

However, her STUPID coworker borrowed the heater and failed to plug it into a surge protector. Well, you know that caused a power outage because that "brave little heater that could" was trying to warm a 30 degree room.

When the power went out, the space heater police were dispatched in search of the culprit. They found Yesha's brave little heater trying to warm a 30 degree room and promptly confiscated it. They took it to heater detention.

Which is why I'm writing this plea. Yesha is working from home because the ice box is a hostile environment. She is now forced to sit in her office with leg warmers & gloves on. How efficient is this? When she's not working from home, Yesha is sitting in her cold office w/o heat due to her coworker...who has now went out and purchased her own heater. Do you think the dummy is sharing her warmth with Yesha? NO!

How many of you work in 30 degree offices? Please donate to the "Yesha Needs To Get Warm at Work Fund" today. Save a warm blooded sister from the evil polar bears who control the thermostat.

This is only November, imagine what will happen in December & January.

Yesha promises to use a surge protector, properly hide her new heater, and never share her warmth with dummies again.

Forget about feeding a child you don't know, save a woman from the clutches of the freezing cold, so she can continue to work and support her family. This is indirectly feeding the child of someone you DO know.

Donate today.

Yesha, we need you to post photos of the new heater you buy with the funds raised in this campaign.



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